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• Pietro Corsi, P.Corsi, Les élèves de Lamarck : un projet de recherche.

• Pietro Corsi, P.Corsi, The pupils of Lamarck. A research project.

• Raphaël Bange and Pietro Corsi , R.Bange & P.Corsi, The students of Lamarck in numbers.

• Santiago Aragon, S.Aragon, Spanish pupils of Lamarck (in french).

• Pietro Corsi, P.Corsi, Lamarck in Italy (in french).

• Pietro Corsi, P.Corsi, "Lamarckians" and "Darwinians" in Turin, 1812-1894 (in french).

• Pietro Corsi, P. Corsi, The importance of french transformist ideas for the second volume of Lyell's 'Principles of Geology'.

• Pietro Corsi, P.Corsi, Julien-Joseph Virey, the first critic of Lamarck (in french).

• Goulven Laurent, G. Laurent, Paleontology and Evolution : The Société géologique de France, a place for freedom (in french).

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